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Child Custody Archives

What is parenting time interference in Indiana?

When a couple with children gets divorced, a parenting agreement is created to make the custody arrangement as easy as possible on all parties involved. The agreement is made when the parents share custody of their children. The agreement can be informal, but should be approved by a court in order to enforce them if issues arise. When the agreement is not followed, either maliciously or by mistake, it can be interpreted as parenting time interference.

Child custody agreements must be carefully considered

Child custody and support orders are huge parts of a parent's life when they aren't with the child's other parent any longer. Whether you come to the agreement through mediation or if the court sets the order, you have to make sure that you understand everything.

How drug abuse can impact a divorce and custody dispute

Drug abuse continues to be a major epidemic in the United States. Additionally, it isn't unscrupulous persons who purchase illicit drugs on the street. Many drug abusers maintain normal jobs, own homes, and have families. These people, unfortunately, are often addicted to prescription narcotics which slowly undermines their life until it finally collapses. Many marriages end in these circumstances and there is no easy answer to deal with the aftermath.

You have the right to connect with your grandchild

Many people have the potential to play a vital role during the key developmental years of a child. In the busy world of today, many parents opt to involve grandparents closely in the child's upbringing. Not only can grandparents provide a nurturing environment for the child, especially when the parents need a helping hand, but they can also provide many valuable life lessons. However, sometimes parents will decide that they do not want their child to maintain any relationship with their grandparents. This is a difficult place to be in, especially when you have tried your very best to build a bond with your grandchild.

Modifying your child support agreement

There are certain circumstances under which you could be allowed to change the terms of your child support agreement. The payment could be decreased or increased if the parent comes up with a valid reason. The child's financial requirements might increase with age, and the custodial parent could ask to modify the child support agreement and demand more financial support.

What should I tell my children about a pending divorce?

Divorce brings on many changes for all members of a family. Of course, spouses will have many adjustments to make as well as things to negotiate. But some of the greatest challenges are endured by the children. Children need structure and stability and while a divorce may provide this in the long run, early in the process it can create confusion and uncertainty. Adapting to new living arrangements can be difficult for children as they love and depend on both of their parents.

What are reasons a parent may not be awarded custody?

When parents are together, it can be a struggle for them to raise their child, but when they live in two separate houses and have to split time with the child after their relationship has ended, finding a child custody arrangement that works for all parties may seem impossible. Because of these difficulties, parents may attempt to negotiate a custody agreement on their own in hopes of finding one that works, but there is a chance that they could end up in court battling for child custody. At this point, they may be surprised at the many reasons a court will find that one of them is not the best option when it comes to being awarded child custody.

Changes parents need to make after one relocates with a child

Many people with children believe that raising a child is fun, yet challenging. It is a huge responsibility, and whether people plan to have children or not, they have to be prepared to raise them and support them once they do. Of course, this is a job best done by both parents, but when two people are no longer together, co-parenting can be difficult to do, even more so when one parent isn't offering as much assistance as they should. It could also be difficult to co-parent when both parents live in different cities or states.