Post-Nuptial Agreements

While less common, it is also possible for parties — already married — to enter into agreements intended to control property distribution issues in the event that their marriage is later terminated by death or divorce. These contracts or agreements are known as post-nuptial or post-marital agreements.

At Cross, Pennamped, Woolsey & Glazier, P.C., our attorneys have a significant depth of experience in drafting such agreements. We can help you to become aware of the associated advantages and disadvantages of post-nuptial agreements and can guide you through the related legal complexities.

Sound Legal Advice In The Midst Of Post-Nuptial Decisions

There are many reasons for couples to consider entering into a post-nuptial agreement, including:

  • Resolving marital issues by isolating the reason for the dispute, usually financial in nature
  • Controlling behaviors (such as gambling or adultery) by one or both spouses
  • Protecting the financial interests of one or both spouses following a significant change in income, the sale or acquisition of a business, or major investment changes
  • Preventing liability of both spouses surrounding certain financial changes or transactions
  • Creating customized plans for the future and the financing of retirement or old age

Our lawyers will help you understand your rights and options in creating the agreement, as well as any potential risk or possibility for disputes in the future. We provide you with all of the information you need to make the most informed decisions possible regarding these critical legal steps.

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