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Child Support Archives

What reasons are eligible for child support modification?

Coming to an agreement on child support doesn't come easily for many parents. Some will be able to agree on a figure quite easily. Others will require a court order to have the child support issued. No matter how you arrived at your destination there are a handful of reasons why a child support order can be modified.

Tips for modifying child support in Indiana

Coming to an agreement for child support can be a difficult task no matter how much you might be on the same page with the other parent. This is an emotional topic that can bring out the worst in people, especially since it typically involves the discussion of child custody as well. Here are some tips for modifying child support in Indiana.

More than 400 parents to receive child support from state

More than 400 parents are set to receive some amount of child support from the state of Nebraska, according to a report from the Omaha World-Herald. The state is issuing $250,292 in child support to the parents. The offer of money will come from the state Department of Health and Human Services. Letters will be sent out to the parents who are set to receive the money.

Dissolution decree reversed by Indiana Court of Appeals

A dissolution decree has been reversed by the Indiana Court of Appeals, according to court documents filed on April 26. The divided Court of Appeals, in the ruling, found that the trial court made an error when imputing potential income for the mother based on the fact she now can work since the children from the marriage are grown.

How You Can Adjust a Child Support Agreement with Ease

Divorce proceedings elicit different reactions among couples from various walks of life. To some, it symbolizes heartache especially when either spouse is still in love. For some, it is warmly received as a sigh of relief when the marriage is rocked by infidelity and other serious matters. Once the divorce is finalized, paying child support takes center stage courtesy of a parenting plan agreed by both ex-spouses in the presence of a Judge. Based on the issued verdict, the non-custodial spouse is obligated to child support as outlined in the parenting plan.

Does bankruptcy mean you do not have to pay child support?

Child support cases are complex and can be difficult to comprehend. Children are the legal responsibility of both parents, and the law is strict towards parents who refuse to pay child support. Generally, courts do not relieve parents from child support even in severe cases. Bankruptcy is a special case, and it is important to understand child support laws regarding bankruptcy if you are planning to file.

What happens to my child support if I change jobs?

When you got your divorce, you and your ex spouse came up with an equitable amount of child support based on your current job, living conditions, expenses and other factors. So what happens if you lose your job or find another job that doesn't offer the same pay? Are you expected to keep up the same payments even though you have less coming in? Thankfully, the answer is that you can get a child support modification to reflect your new job situation.

What can I do if I can't afford my child support payments?

There are many important details that divorcing parents must address regarding their children. Of primary concern is making sure the children's financial needs are met. And child support plays an important role in helping ensure that there is enough money made available to cover a child's expenses.

Charlie Sheen can't afford $55,000 child support payments

Raising a child takes patience, but it also takes money. There are many parents who are left to do it alone, but there also parents who are lucky enough to have the assistance from their child's other parent, voluntarily or court-ordered. When a judge decides on a child support amount, based on how much the child needs, the parent who was ordered to pay can do very little about this amount. However, that doesn't stop people from trying to get this amount decreased.

Bristol Palin may have to pay her ex child support

Whenever any couple decides to end their relationship, there may be some things for them to discuss before they can go their separate ways. In some cases, if they have a child together, they may be able to go their separate ways, but they will still have to stay in contact with one another and work together to raise the child. Sometimes, this will involve the parents having joint custody and one paying child support. Of course, this arrangement is one that not all parents welcome with open arms.