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Posts tagged "Family Law"

How is credit card debt handled in divorce?

Are you headed for divorce in Indiana? This is a difficult process to go through no matter how long you've been married. If there is debt involved in your marriage, you will definitely want to know ahead of time how this will be divided. So, how is credit card debt handled in divorce?

Dealing with back child support in Indiana

Being divorced is not always easy, especially when there are children involved. It's likely that your children went through a stressful time when you and your former spouse got divorced. Now, you are experiencing more stress due to the lack of child support payments. Here's how you can deal with back child support in Indiana.

How to handle common co-parenting problems

No one ever said co-parenting would be easy. In fact, it can be one of the most difficult things to face in life. Whether you are in the situation because of divorce or another factor, you will want to handle issues that arise with respect and dignity for the benefit of your child. Here are some tips for handling common co-parenting issues in Indiana.

Same-sex civil unions and marriages

A civil union is similar to a marriage agreement but has several important distinctions as well. Civil unions were created to allow same-sex couples the opportunity to commit to each other and express their love publicly. When civil union laws were passed, same-sex marriage was illegal. But in 2015 the United States Supreme Court lifted the ban on same-sex marriages, effectively making civil unions less relevant. Despite the lifting of the marriage ban, several couples have decided to remain in civil unions.

Dealing with parental liability accusations

Children are sometimes involved in criminal activity and may face serious felony charges. However, their parents may also be held liable for their acts. Parental liability starts from the age of eight and goes on till the age of majority. Parents might have lawsuits and sanctions if their children take part in serious crimes or damage someone else's property. Parental liability can be divided into two parts; civil and criminal parental liability.

Fathers are struggling with parental alienation

Typically, divorce is a very challenging experience. And if you are a father, the challenge is even more daunting due to the threat of being separated from your child.  It is becoming more evident that both the mother and the father are important and should be involved in raising their children. Children need equal time and attention from both parents.

Can I get spousal maintenance if I am disabled?

When two people are married, if one spouse is working and the other is not, it is likely that the two will still share that income. Depending on how much money is made, they will lead a certain lifestyle and may be used to enjoying the finer things in life. Should they divorce, for the spouse who is the lower wage earner, being able to enjoy such things may no longer be an option, which is why some people strongly consider requesting spousal maintenance.

How do I know I am a victim of economic abuse?

Physical abuse is not the only form of domestic violence, and some may be confused as to whether or not they are a domestic violence victim. Along with physical abuse, a domestic violence victim can suffer abuse emotionally, sexually, psychologically and economically. Many of these types of abuse may be easy for people to recognize, but economic abuse is one form with which many people may not be familiar. Because of this, should they be suffering this type of abuse, they may not even be aware of it.